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  • Women wearing high heels when malling. Seriously, doesn't your feet hurt?
  • Wearing skimpy clothes in the office. Hello?? Dress code!!
  • People wearing sunglasses at night. Or any sheltered place. WHYYYY???
  • Guards inspecting your bag who doesn't really know what to inspect.
  • People not wanting to hand over fares to the driver in jeepneys. Then why ride a jeepney anyways?
  • People almost screaming (like they want everyone in the world to know) when talking to someone on their mobile phones.
  • Lovers having too much PDA. Geez, get a room!
  • Teenagers acting like adults.
  • People wearing poloshirts with their collars up. Feeling niyo malamig sa Pinas?
  • People who wear heels/glamorous dresses at concerts. Are you the one having the concert?
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