• i have obsessions with bands for about a half a year or more. i am absolutely OBSESSED with this band. there are other bands i listen to during this time period, but nothing compared to the obsession.
  • not bragging, but i think the reason that i'm good at drawing is because i have ocd with proportions.
  • y'know how everyone has that guilty pleasure of a trashy song that they enjoy? like oh mickey you're so fine? i don't. i hate absolutely everything on kiss 108. 0 exceptions.
  • i don't enjoy watching movies. yes, there are some movies i enjoy, but i always feel like i'm wasting time watching movies.
  • when anyone says i don't care what i look like or i don't care what people think of me, i don't believe them.
  • i cry a lot. and for the most part i don't care who sees me. it's not a sign of weakness people, get over it.
  • there has only been one occasion where i have not enjoyed a hug. if i like you, hug me, you will never be denied, i don't care what mood i'm in.
  • i am the worst person with directions. don't give them to me. don't ask me for them. i got lost getting to my aunt's house. down. two. streets.
  • i would never wear sweat pants out. ever.
  • i appreciate that s-t-u is in the alphabet in that order. as in stu pickles. as in tommy pickles's father. as in rugrats.
  • i like to fold down the pages in books instead of bookmarking them.
  • i don't like fireworks or parades.
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