• when my life is going good and everyone else's sucks and i feel bad for enjoying it.
  • when people i don't even know butt into my life.
  • when people i openly dislike try to talk to me in a fake way. yes i know you make fun of the posh behind my back now stop complimenting it already.
  • when i look at someone just because i'm looking around the room and then they look at me and i look away on my merry way and i know tey think it was a mean stare.
  • when people don't tell me i'm doing something wrong/annoying to them and i found out that what i've been doing has been annoying them for 4 months.
  • when people wallow in self pity overly much. life REALLY isn't that bad.
  • when people yell unnecessarily loud even though they're the only person talking and i'm in a confined space with them.
  • when my stomach makes loud noises during a test or some other quiet time and it's impossible to cover it up with a cough.
  • when i'm thinking about death and how life is just going to end one day and then my brain goes on this whole shpeil. and then i realize i'm either going insane or i subconsiously went on crack.
  • when i can't open something and then someone comes over to open it with great ease making me look like a wimp.
  • when people get an unecessary amount of "you deserved the one"s on fmylife when they can't even control the situation.
  • when people won't shut up and all i want to do is hang up the phone/leave the room, but i'm too awkward to do so smoothly.
  • when i'm really comfortable on a couch or a bed and i want to turn the light off and the switch is just out of reach so ihave to get up.
  • when there is no food in my home.
  • when people are standing in a circle talking, and the people keep moving in closer and i'm outside of the circle all of a sudden, and no one will let me back in.
  • when people give me questioning looks in the lunch line for all the food i'm getting when i'm clearly sharing my food with someone else. like what load eats a salad, pizza, a cookie, pudding, and cheez-its in one sitting?
mar 26 2009 ∞
mar 27 2009 +