the first is the real way, the second is the way i sang it

  • i'm capsized staring on the edge of safe/im capsized erring on the edge of safe (the con, tegan and sara)
  • i'm not gonna stop, that's not who i am/ i'm not gonna stop that's how cool i am (bet on it, zac efron)
  • so your priced tag has bee slashed/you're a 20 second fin slash [don't ask what was wrong with me] (newport living, cute is what we aim for)
  • should've shown up should've shown up by now/ should i shut up should i shut right now (neighbors, the academy is...)
  • straight up now tell me do you really wanna love me forever/ straight up downtown do you really wanna love me forever (straight up, paula abdul)
  • as of ten minutes ago i already have fallen/ south of mexico i already have fallen (jello, playradioplay!)
  • the whole world hates us, but still we sing/ the whole world hates us, lost everything. (our flag is white, this providence)
  • i want the ocean right now/i walk the ocean right now (so jealous, tegan and sara)
  • review my press and tell it like it is/ reveal my breasts and tell it like it is [haha sara] (hype, tegan and sara)
  • what's wrong with you/i want to run with you (monday monday monday, tegan and sara)
  • feeeeeed the wooooooooorld/jeeeeesuuuuuss woooooooooooaaaaaah (do the know it's christmas time?, band aid)
jan 26 2009 ∞
jul 11 2009 +