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A person who compulsively makes lists to keep her on track and then grows disgusted at the lack of things on this list. Then once trying to carry out the deeds demanded of the list, comes up short filled with the sentiments of uninhibited laziness.

Additicvely making lists about anything and everything. Gives self a cathartic feeling of rejuvenation and thought release - usually in the middle ...

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  • I enjoy the smells of gasoline and freshly cut grass - well not mixed together
  • I am a very organized person who likes to reorganize already organized things. I love shelving, labels, color coded organization. It makes me peace of mind.
  • I keep separate notebooks to practice calculus and science type problems to study the night before an exam.
  • When I sing along to a song, it is different when I am singing for real. Usually when I sing in a large group it sounds nothing like my real voice, more of an obnoxious girl.
  • My face is slightly lopsided and becomes increasingly apparent when taking face on pictures.
  • I secretly do enjoy dancing and learning dances, but my friends are never to learn this because then I'll be stuck in every dance possible.
  • My taste in movies is a bit obscure, considering I watch movies most people have never heard of, yet I have problems watching movies everyone else has seen: case in point - I have never watched ET
  • Whenever I yawn I look like a cat - according to my friends and family
  • I hate lettuce in most sandwiches. Especially if it becomes soggy or has fallen out of the sandwich. I find it repulsive.
  • I can't eat cheese that is stuck to the plate such as cheese from a grilled cheese that has spilled over. Another thing I find completely repulsive, especially when the cheese hardens.
  • When I contort my face I look exactly like one of my uncles
  • I love doing the laundry
  • I love dogs, and almost squirm in my seat whenever I see them on TV or in front of me. I find most dogs absolutely adorable.
  • I am extremely observant to the point I can remember objects in certain places and memorize pictures. I've always been perceptive of my surroundings, watching how others react in certain situations.
  • I can be very opinionated person but I tend to keep it to myself just because I see no need in trying to change an unchangeable view of someone else's perspective. It's an unwinnable and stupid battle.
  • I tend to be a leader, a silent and controlling leader.
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