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book lover, music lover, name nerd
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"underneath the lights you can find your truest form"
- merely players, grease: rise of the pink ladies

listography TERMS
  • a: adelaide, adeline, alice, astoria, astrid, autumn, anneliese, aurelia, avalon, averia, adora, allium, alcott, alba, alma, adair, amity, althea, augusta
  • b: blair, blanche, briar, boheme, bliss, beatrice, bluebell, blythe
  • c: celeste, clover, crimson, clarke, cecily, calliope, claire, capri, cleo, clara, cosima, camellia
  • d: delia, delphine, dorothea, daria, delilah, dorothy, darcy, daphne, dahlia, dalisay
  • e: eden, elowen, elsie, elspeth, estelle, evangeline, evelina, ella, evening, eloise, emma, eleonora, esme, edith, evana, enid, elsinore, esther, edelweiss, ebba, euphemia
  • f: flavie, felicity, flora, freya, fiona, fallon, ferelith, fable
  • g: gale, greer, georgia, guinevere, giselle, ginevra, genova
  • h: harmony, hadley, hunter, hazel, harriet, hedwige, harper
  • i: indie, ivory, isla, ingrid, ivy, idalia, ines
  • j: josephine, june, juniper, juno, josie, jovie, jasmine, jade, juliette
  • k: klara, katherine, kathleen, kit
  • l: lenora, love, lucy, lavinia, lux, lyric, lilia, leonie, lena, ludmilla, lilium, lilivere, lillemor, lua, luella, luz, lark
  • m: mabel, maya, margot, meredith, maeve, mila, millicent, maxine, madeline, melody, maisy, marigold, merivale, melora, mayflower, meadow, melrose, miri, mavis
  • n: nora, nell, nella, niamh, neve
  • o: octavia, odette, october, odella, ophelia, olympia, otilia
  • p: poem, priya, primrose, peridot, poetry, poesy, poet, peony, prairie, penrose, philippa
  • q: quinn
  • r: reverie, rory, romilly, rosalind, rosamund, rosenwyn
  • s: scarlett, scout, story, sloane, sage, sienna, soraya, sora, selke
  • t: thea, theodora, theodosia, tansy, tamsyn, tamsin
  • v: vera, vienna, violet, vita, vida, victoria, vesper
  • w: wisteria, wilson, willa, winifred, wildrose, whisper, winslet, wren, winter
  • x: xanthe, xavia
  • y: yarrow, yeva
  • z: zura, zaelia, zinnia, zoya, zaira
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