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  • Oh, you're such a pretty thing. I'll take you and I'll make you all mine. (From The Clouds, Jack Johnson)
  • For you I bleed myself dry. (Yellow, Coldplay)
  • You tried to replace me but you didn't get far. And I tried to repay you but I only got scarred. (4 Broken Hearts, Norah Jones)
  • She'll be breaking your fall. And I'll be building new walls. (4 Broken Hearts, Norah Jones)
  • Go to her, foolish man. What's the use of having pride if you don't have her? She'll endure all she can. But you can make this easier for your own hurt. (She Left On a Monday, Bic Runga)
  • Don't you remember the reason you loved me before? (Don't You Remember, Adele)
  • I don't really know you. I don't think I want you, but I can fake it if you can. (Carried Away, Passion Pit)
  • Lagi na lang akong kulang. Ikaw naman. (Kulang, UDD)
  • You get what you want, I'm unnerved. I get what I need, it's not what you say you deserve. (Thinker, UDD)
  • Is it love at your mercy? And prayer is all that I need. I’ve given you everything for you to feed on me dry. (Thinker, UDD)
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