Have you ever:

1) Self harmed? I’ve been clean for 3 months.

2) Got into a real fight? Basic bitches don’t get into fights, puhleaaaaaaase.

3) Been too depressed to move out of your bed? Errrrrday

4) Tried to commit suicide? Once, when I was 16. I fractured a couple of ribs.

5) Had to lie to EVERYONE about how you felt? Doesn’t everyone do that?

6) Watched an entire season of a TV show in one sitting? Fuck yes, TBBT. Season 1 to current episode in a day.

7) Talked yourself out of serious trouble? I’m a good talker.

8) Accused someone of using you? That would mean I’d actually have to communicate and argue with the bitch, so no.

9) Shoplifted? I don’t have to do that shit, I got the money bitch. SWERVE.

10) Gotten drunk/high? Sure, I like my hippocampus, cerebellum and basal ganglia being affected.

11) Been to a concert where your favourite artist was playing? No. I would want to go see Daughter, Keaton Henson, and Bastille.

12) Skipped doing homework to play a video game? I’m a good girl. I get all my homework done first.

(Right now) Are you:

13) Suicidal? I tried getting a book today on how to commit suicide but the librarian said: “Fuck off, you won’t bring it back.”

14) Bored? No, I’m rather fucking entertained to the point I’m doing this fucking questionnaire.

15) Avoiding someone? I have no one to avoid. *cries*

16) Avoiding some task? Yeah, I have to revise Free Radical Substitution and Electrophilic Addition mechanisms, but I cannot be fucking bothered.

17) Depressed? My serotonin levels are slightly low, but I just googled depression symptoms and I may just be clinically depressed.

18) Crying? No. I am not cryi- *tears roll down face*

19) Annoyed with a friend? Lol, cute, you think I have friends.

20) Worried and confused about something important to you? Yeah, I’m worried and confused about the thoughts processed by my frontal lobes.

Do you:

21) Get depressed easily? I don’t like the way this question is phrased. Being “depressed” lasts for a while, it’s not something that just comes about and tada “I’M DEPRESSED” fucking idiots.

22) Get jealous/envious easily? Yeah, jealousy hits me hard.

23) Feel listening to music can take your mind off things? Not really, it just surpresses some feelings. For example, if you listen to Nicki Minaj, you will feel like a slut. But the things that were on your mind will still be there.

24) Worry about messing about your relationships a lot? This makes no sense.

25) Try hard in all your classes at school? No, just in biology. And that’s because my teacher scares the fuck out of me.

26) Go out drinking? Nah, why be intoxicated when you can get high and listen to The Weeknd.

27) Smoke cigarettes? Nah, bad habit.

28) Smoke weed? Yes, good habit.

29) Do any hard drugs? Hard drugs being psychoactive drugs?

30) If you said yes to 28 but no to 29, Why? I don’t fancy being addicted.

31) Believe in God/Belong to a religion of your own free will? No.

32) Avoid people you care about because you feel you will only hurt them? Not neccasarily, I don’t avoid people. If people want to speak to me, I shall communicate with them. If they don’t, then I see no reason to talk to them.

33) Agree that self harm numbs emotional pain? Not really, it just directs your current pain into something that is actually visible and worth being hurt about. Emotional pain cannot be numbed. Emotional pain lasts 12 minutes. After 12 minutes, your prefrontal cortex thinks of the situation again and again, causing you to be in self-inflicted pain.

34) Believe people deserve second chances? To an extent.

35) Agree with ‘An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth’? (ignoring the religious relation to that saying) “The meaning of the principle, an eye for an eye, is that a person who has injured another person receives the same injury in compensation. ” No, I disagree with the statement, “eye for an eye”, because there is much more that needs to be considered before one thinks that irrationally. There are many things that need to be looked into as to why people do certain things. “Eye for an eye” is not only barbaric, but it is irrational. When an act is committed, people should not only consider the motive, but also the background of the person who committed the offense. Fighting violence with violence is never the answer.

36) Think things will get better? I’m completely content and happy with the way my life is going. It may be going at 30 mph, but hey, who wants to drive faster and be pulled over by cunts.

37) Feel afraid that you have done wrong and will eventually be punished? Doesn’t everybody do wrong? Doesn’t everybody sin? Doesn’t everybody have regrets? Isn’t everybody afraid that they may soon be punished?

38) (be honest) Do you judge people who think differently to you? (seriously, be honest) Seriously, being honest I do not judge people who think differently to me. I take a liking to people who think differently to me. I find it interesting listening to their views on something that I may completely disagree with. But hey, I’d rather that then have people agree with me and just say “yeah, me too” Plus, isn’t the whole concept of humanity that we’re all independent individuals with differently modified cortex’s?

Preference in boyfriend/girlfriend:

39) Long hair OR short hair? Andrew Garfield’s hair.

40) (For Girls one) nice smile OR nice abs? Both?

41) (For Guys one) nice smile OR nice chest? Both?

42) Shy OR open? Open ..ed up shirt.

43) Eyes OR body? Eyes. If they didn’t have nice eyes, you wouldn’t be able to look into them.

44) Religious OR non-religious? I have a religion, but I’m not religious.

45) Caring OR non-restricting of you? I want to say caring, but I think they should be non-restricting to a point. Freedom shouldn’t be restricted and caring shouldn’t turn into possessive.

46) Straight edge OR non-straight edge? What the fuck does this even mean? I don’t want my boyfriend to give me paper-cuts?

47) Piercings OR no piercings? I wouldn’t mind a white boy with his tongue pierced and a stretcher.

48) Tattoos OR no tattoos? No, no tattoos.

49) Quiet stay-at-home type OR party type? Bit of both. If he’s the party type, he’d get drunk and I could take advantage of him and he won’t even remember in the morning whilst I turn into Little Miss Innocent Virgin again.

50) Has friends you get along with OR has parents you get along with? Why can’t I have both? I’d want to get along with his friends as well as his parents?

Would you:

51) Drink alcohol until you were drunk? Nah, minor.

52) Smoke weed? Sure, that would be a fun experiment.

53) Smoke cigarettes? Nah, nasty habit. But when guys need a “fag break” it’s sort of cute.

54) Get even with someone who betrayed you? No, that’s just silly.

55) Forgive a boyfriend/girlfriend who deeply hurt you? You most probably would forgive them if you still cared/had feelings for them. I wouldn’t.

56) Attempt to kill yourself if everything fails you? Not really. I’d just pick it all up and start again. It would be a second chance. I’d go home, escape it all, it would all be irrelevant.

57) Keep your faith (any religious view) no matter what? If faith was the only thing keeping me going, then I’d keep my faith. But faith being my complete trust or confidence in someone or something. Not on religious terms.

58) Join a band as a part time activity? If I can be bothered to tune my guitar, then why not? We’d do little gigs and then be recognised by someone famous and then we’d turn into a mainstream band and be all over vevo and we’d be the number one indie band and I’d wear vintage T-shirts and tight jeans and we’d get high every night and we’d go to American diners to stuff our faces and I’d get all the white boys my vagina could handle.

59) Feel sorry for someone who is being affected negatively from alcohol/drug abuse? Not really. Evidently it’s the individual’s fault.

60) Stand up for your beliefs if someone strongly goes against them? Of course, it would be inhumane not to.

61) Go vegetarian for a month to see what is was like? I have been a vegetarian for 2 and a half months now. It’s pretty good.

62) Fight someone who was harassing your friends/family? Verbally? Sure.

63) Edit photos of yourself before posting them online? Slightly. Instagram gives me the option to, so why not make myself look moderately attractive?

64) Put up with friends who constantly hated against something you believed in/supported? I don’t need to put with those friends?

65) Be friends with someone who was nice to you, but a cunt to other people? Isn’t that how you play the game of life?

66) Not like someone simply because your friend(s) didn’t like them? No. They must affect me personally.

67) Lie to someone close to you because you don’t want them put up with your problems? I don’t “put up” with problems. I listen and analyse.

68) Starve yourself so you fit some certain clothes? Been there. Done that. Still doing it.

69) Get surgery on any part of you? If yes then which part of you? My bum. I want a bigger bum. My knees. I want to be taller. Plastic surgery on all my face. Oh, and smaller feet.

70) Sleep naked? I always do, nigga.

You can only choose one:

71) Black or Orange? Black.

72) Metalcore OR Post-Hardcore? Neither?

73) Cellphone or Computer? My iPhone >

74) Chocolate milk OR Coke? Coke. As in the drug.

75) Tumblr OR Friends? Are you insinuating I have friendS? Lol, fuck you.

76) Apple OR PC? Apple > Everything

77) TV Shows OR Movies? TV shows. TBBT >

78) Old bands OR new Bands? Old bands >

79) Pop-Punk OR Alternative Rock? Alternative Rock.

80) Reading OR Listening to music? Reading whilst listening to instrumental music.

81) Coke OR Pepsi? Define your reason for your choice. Coke. It has a stuble fizziness, where Pepsi is just all fiz.

82) Staying who you are OR changing yourself drastically? I would stay the way I am. I would change myself drastically if I needed to.

83) Breakdown OR Clean vocal bridge? Breakdown.

86) Your life as a comedy OR Your life as a documentary? My life is a joke, so a comedy please

87) Go to outer space OR Go all around Europe? Outer space definitely.

88) Shoes OR Shirts? shoes

89) Chelsea Grin OR Suicide Silence? How about good music taste?

90) Drop out of school to get a job OR stay at school and finish your education. Define your reason for your choice. Stay at school and finish your education. It's free, why not? And plus, you're guaranteed a better paid job at the end.

Almost over:

91) So far have you told 90 truths? And for fuck sake be honest. I fucking have, calm down.

92) Are you quiet about your social life with your family? I am indeed.

93) Do you want to travel when you are older? Doesn't everyone?

94) Would you let go of people who mean the most to you to follow your dreams? If the people who mean the most to you actually cared, they'd be there, helping you follow your dreams. So you wouldn't have to let go of them.

95) Did you notice there are no sex related questions? oh thanks

96) Rather be the opposite gender? sometimes

97) What will you name your son/daughter? don't want children

98) Do you get harassed more than most people do? yeah, my boyfriend is a knob

99) What band do you hate the most? Define your reason. ONE FUCKING DIRECTION, THEY HAVE NO POPULAR, WHY ARE THEY POPULAR?!

100) What makes you a bad person in your mind? I think it takes a lot to be a "bad person". I don't think drinking or smoking make you a bad person. Maybe if you always find the negative in OTHERS then you may be a bad person. But hey, who am I to judge what a bad person is?

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