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  • Grow my hair whilst fighting the raging urge to pull it out
  • Become mentally and spiritually at peace
  • Read at least one whole book every day
  • Fight the urge to constantly puke up
  • Educate myself on subjects nobody else finds interesting
  • Clean up my iTunes
  • Learn a new language
  • Watch as much of Johnny Depp as possible
  • Get my helix pierced and then buy a cute ear cuff
  • Dip/dye or fully dye my hair completely pastel coloured green
  • Spend a day watching all the Harry Potter films again
  • Take a photography class
  • Jump onto a train without knowing where it travels too and become completely lost
  • Make tie-dye shirts
  • Have a 99 and insist on only paying 99p for it from an ice cream van
  • Save up to buy a polaroid
  • Put random signs up all over town
  • Write a letter to on old friend
  • Give flowers out to random people
  • Have a clean out and give my old things to charity
  • Clean out/organize all my books
  • Sketch a mural on my bedroom walls and paint them in
  • Make a scrap book
  • Write all my stories and thoughts in a book and send it to a random address
  • Go to a flea market
  • Visit all the cathedrals I can
  • Be content
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