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"'I want out of the labels. I don't want my whole life crammed into a single word. A story. I want to find something else, unknowable, some place to be that's not on the map. A real adventure.'
A spinx. A mystery. A blank. Unknown. Undefined."

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The past two years has been super hard on me physically, and financially, so I don't really buy any "fun" stuff or pamper myself. But my family and lovely boyfriend decided to rectify that!

  • From parents:
    • They drove over an hour after work with my doggies (total surprise) so I could see them! I had been feeling very blue about not seeing them during the holidays. This would have been a good enough present.
    • 2 v-neck sweaters from Old Navy.
    • PJ set (Since my mom used to always get us new pj's for Christmas Eve)
    • Flannel sheets
    • Dark dark green and black nail polish
    • Urban Decay eyeliner, purple.
    • Heated eye-lash curler.
    • Bath & Body Works lotion, shower gel, and body spray in Japanese Cherry Blossom.
    • Combo silver/black eye shadow.

And from George:

    • Seasons 6-10 of "Friends".
    • Seasons 7 & 8 of "Scrubs".
    • Season 1 of Veronica Mars.
    • "Role Models", unrated version
    • "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog"
    • A Guide to Quality Taste & Style, Tim Gunn(I looooove me some Tim Gunn!)


    • $$, some of which will be responsibly put towards bills and groceries. The other will not so responsibly go towards buying as many of "Friends" seasons 1-5 as possible!

George's Family:

    • Giftcards for Best Buy and Old Navy.
    • Official Book Club Selection: A Memoir According to Kathy Griffin, Kathy Griffin.
    • Pajama set
    • Cat Calendar
    • Small set of book shelves
    • Sweater jacket from Old Navy (picked out by his dad, which is even more awesome!)
    • Lots of cookware, kitchen supplies, etc.
    • Girly bath goodies.
    • Small rectangular basket for the bathroom.

I was truly a lucky girl this year!

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