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we grow. it hurts at first.

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  • Current interests include: Chihayafuru, Mob Psycho 100, Overwatch (especially Overwatch League), Dishonored and contemporary literature - check my ongoing tab for what media I'm current with.
  • & more broadly: ghost stories, transhumanism, inherited trauma, god-killing, rivalshipping & complex talent narratives.
  • I talk a fair bit about writing (& lack thereof)
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feb 27 2020 +
  • This is a combination fandom and personal twitter, so there will be general life updates here. I do not tag or warn for anything in particular but I try to avoid generally sensitive topics.
  • There will be no nsfw retweets/images, but there may occasionally be nsfw discussion.
  • Not spoiler free, as I'm up to date with the manga for most of the series I'm interested in. I won’t post panels, but will occasionally retweet spoilery fanart.
  • No dnfi, I'm responsible for who I'm comfortable with following me. If I don't want you following I'll just sb, no hard feelings.
  • I am in my mid twenties, so I won’t follow anyone under 18.
  • I will probably lock periodically, but requests are still fine.
  • I don’t have any tagging, liking, softb...
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oct 21 2019 +
  • MOURNING SONG - MP100 shouritsu necromancy au
  • “murder coffee shop” - MP100 shouritsu au
  • Chihayafuru college au - "The one where Taichi becomes Meijin" 3k
  • Chihayafuru Arata/Taichi sick!fic 1.3k
  • Chihayafuru Takamatsu-Nomiya timeloop fic 1k
  • Overwatch Widowmaker recovery fic 2k
mar 20 2019 ∞
oct 8 2019 +