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Kylee, mother to Bodhi

Nature Enthusiast | Proud Bibliophile | Sunshine Seeker | Amateur Photographer | Dog Lover | Occasional Adventurer

listography *NEW JOURNAL*
  • When she's listening to something, she always turns her ear towards it slightly.
  • Sometimes when she's standing in front of her stove, cooking, she dances like a weirdo.
  • When she chews, her teeth squeak and it kills me!
  • She takes off her left shoe when she drives because she's a hillbilly.
  • My mom still holds my hands as often as she can.
  • Sometimes when she sees a little boy with curly hair in public, she'll stalk him for a while. (It normally makes me want to marry a curly-haired guy just so she won't have to be a creeper anymore, but I'm afraid she'd eat him.)
  • She'll laugh loudly at almost anything and that makes me happy.
  • Every time I put my feet near her, she tries to pop my toes, which turns into a brutal battle because it hurts for about three seconds. (This usually leads to her popping my thumbs as well.)
  • When I ask my mom to make me a grilled cheese or Ramen noodles, she always acts like she doesn't want to, but it's a lie. If I start to do it, she always takes over.
  • She washes her hands compulsively.
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