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Kylee, mother to Bodhi

Nature Enthusiast | Proud Bibliophile | Sunshine Seeker | Amateur Photographer | Dog Lover | Occasional Adventurer

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  • He walks like a cowboy from old Western movies, even though he's nothing like a cowboy at all. (He does like John Wayne movies though.)
  • When I was in elementary school, every day he'd take me to the gas station after he picked me up and he'd buy me a Payday and a Coke. Every day.
  • No matter what I've done (or whether or not it was my fault), he's always on my side. No matter what.
  • My daddy has the prettiest brown eyes, like caramel or melted chocolate.
  • He actually listens to my opinion, even about what he wears.
  • Whenever he travels and I don't get to go (which is rare), he always brings me something back, sometimes books or blank notebooks, t-shirts or a picture he drew himself.
  • My dad calls me names and always tries to trip me, or run me into something, but I know I'm his favorite.
  • He always came in from outside smelling like car grease or hot sunshine. Warm summer days always remind me of him.
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