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listography *NEW JOURNAL*
  • Wire crate
    • one big enough for your puppy grow in (that way you don't spend a ton of money, they're expensive!)
  • Soft bed
  • Anti-chew spray
    • like Bitter Apple
  • Puppy food
    • make sure the first ingredient is a real meat, not something like chicken by-product or corn gluten
  • Stainless steel or ceramic bowls
    • there are pros and cons for both of these. Ceramic bowls can chip, but stainless bowls aren't as heavy
  • Collar and leash
    • I prefer nylon with a metal buckle
  • I.D tags
    • This is a must have
  • Plush toys
    • All dogs love plush toys, but you do have to watch out. If your puppy is a Destroyer, watch and make sure they don't try to eat the plastic squeaker inside a lot of plush toys
  • Rope bone toys
  • Tennis balls
    • They come in different sizes as pet stores
  • Nylabones
    • They make specific bones for puppies (my dogs loved them)
  • Baby gate
    • If you're keeping them in a specific room, this is so much better than just closing the door. This was they can still see what's going on in your home.
  • Baby blankets
    • I use baby blankets (usually receiving blankets) for a million things: to put in the kennel, to wrap them in on vet trips, etc. They're easy to clean, no expensive, and end up becoming security blankets for your puppy.
  • Towels
    • For many obvious things
  • Puppy Shampoo
  • Treats for training
    • These are usually smaller and meaty
  • Paper towels
    • I always keep some in the car while traveling even the smallest distance
  • Hydrogen peroxide
    • This is a must have in case your puppy ingests something harmful
  • Storage bin for food
  • Treats for chewing
    • NO RAWHIDE Nylabone products are good for this as are jerky treats. I prefer Canyon Creek.
  • Biscuits
    • I usually give these to my dogs as a "well done" when they come inside from going potty and such. Most people prefer simple Milk Bones
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