hello!!! i'm iris/soleil!!

use they/them or ae/aer!!

i'm 18 / isfj / sagittarius / my bday is 18/12

nb lesbian & polyam & dating reed @zaizenaoi (23/2/17) !!

feel free to message me / talk to me at any time! i have severe anxiety that often prevents me from initiating with you all but please don't think that means i don't want to! i also have kinda *wavy hands* memory issues so if i forget something please remind me and please don't be too mean about it!

note : i'm autistic so!! i might have trouble interpreting a reply!! please don't be offended / take it personally if i ask for clarification

i have kins but i won't list them here. ask if you want i don't take it incredibly seriously

jan 22 2017 ∞
apr 23 2018 +


  • boku no hero academia
  • mob psycho 100
  • assclass
  • RWBY
  • show by rock!!(anime and game!)
  • yu-gi-oh!
  • cookie run
  • llsif
  • bungou stray dogs


  • assclass
  • naruto / naruto shippuden
  • danganronpa / mainly sdr2
  • death note
  • doctor who
  • the percy jackson series (pjo/hoo/tkc/anything riordan)
  • soul eater
  • skulduggery pleasant series
jan 3 2017 ∞
jan 15 2018 +
  • tumblr : windwitchs.tumblr.com
  • kin tumblr : appleshipping.tumblr.com
  • kin twitter : @R0SEBUDS (i'd pref you only follow if you're kin yourself, but if we're close friends or you won't make fun of me, go for it and i'll accept!)
  • personal/quiet tl : @bIossomeds (feel free to req but don't take offence if i reject it/feel free to req later or if you talk to me i might let you, id just like to limit it to friends/close mutuals!)
  • discord : soleil#0480
  • curiouscat : https://curiouscat.me/shou

game ids (lmk when you add me so ik who you are!!)

  • llsif eng : 298263206
  • show by rock!! : 935850031

sorry for having so many twitters!! ;;

feel free to request any of the above!! it doesn't matter who you are, i just pref...

may 8 2016 ∞
apr 23 2018 +

i'll tag anything on request but sometimes i may forget due to memory issues so please feel free to remind me!! (i make a lot of nsfw jokes that i try to tag for but if i am forgetful, feel free to nudge me and i'll be mindful)

if we're mutuals please please warn for the following or give me a heads up if you plan to discuss these things (excepting, naturally, if you're posting from a vent account or an account you've stated is untagged, in which case, i understand perfectly that you cannot tag things)

  • incest
  • rape
  • blmatsu / todokaras
  • cocsa / csa / molestation, especially cocsa but all three please
  • irl blood (photos)
  • images of spiders and sometimes even mentions of spiders
aug 27 2016 ∞
mar 29 2018 +