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the most organized coping mechanics you'll ever see in your life

the moonrise follows:
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  • check yoself before u wreck yoself
  • that mess on your art files? gotta go
  • that mess on your stories' files? gotta go
  • that mess on your life? fuck
  • what the hell are those bookmarks even for
  • the schedule exists for a reason, don't wait for energy to strike
  • an identity crisis, your sideblogs and inspiration: pick two
  • make every single day count, as small an act as it may be
  • take these and leave, fam
  • can't write? fuck you
  • balls deep in idiom studying 101
  • studies come first, other stuff can always be caught up with later somehow
  • contingencies just fucking happen, quit the drama ffs
  • rewatching or rereading things ain't bad if you enjoy em
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