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I'm a big potato who lost in human body , you can call me xen but i'm not a chinese

Xen follows:
  • " Your body is the house you grew up in, how dare you tried to burn it to the ground? "
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  • My ideal type is someone like Nam Woohyun
  • Specific ;

someone who can take care of himself, have great sense in street fashion, someone who plays basketball, religious, not talking much ( so i dont have to worry if he talk to a girl ._. ),have charming smile and not being obsessed or show that he obviously like someone.

  • I once had online relationship
  • Crush that almost near to my ideal type is a chinese guy whom I called hao but he's nowhere to be seen anymore, i guess he had moved to another school.
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  • Get bangtan's autograph
  • Learn instruments
  • Perform in a band
  • Learn chinese
  • Have a best guy friend because i think guys are a lot better to be friend with , they dont get hurt easily compare to girls
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  • English

5Sos Avril Lavigne P!nk Fun Macklemore Green Day Taylor Swift Bruno Mars Linkin Park

  • Korean

Bangtan Sonyeondan Mad Soul Child Huh Gak Block B Infinite Apink Girls Day (I stanned them since hug me era) Bigstar Crush Geeks Baechigi Lim Kim ; Togeworl

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  • English ;

Madagascar, Rise of The Guardians, Maleficent, Spiderwick, Titanic, Ratatouille, Monster Inc, The Croods, Scary Movie 4, The Great Gatsby

  • Korean ;

Sad Movie < this is a title, Miracle in cell no.7, The master's sun, 49 Days, Boys over flower, You're beautiful, Goong, Scent of a woman,

  • Thailand ;

Suckseed, Hello stranger, Love at 4 size, sunset at menam chao phraya, ATM, Grean Fiction, Make me shudder

  • Indonesian ;

Heart, Love is Cinta

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