• he's lucky.you're sweet, genuine, kind, and lovely in all shapes and forms. he's really lucky.
  • you never used to smile, but today you did and it was directed at me. the world stopped for a moment, and if it was like how it used to be, i probably would've been the happiest person in the world. smile and laugh forever for me, will you?
  • i feel like you deserve better.
  • you know those thoughts you have that you know you shouldn’t have had but had anyway that make you fight yourself internally because of its existence. but then you realize it’s just a thought and it as just you and yourself this whole time. no need to stress. maybe.
  • thanks for tonight.


  • of all people to have such a sweet dream about, why was it you?
  • you really are my favorite teacher.
  • what's this feeling where you're surrounded by so many people but feel so alone anyway
  • i was honestly hoping you stop by, and you did. thank you.
  • i wonder what it would've been like if something happened years ago.
  • we're closer than that, aren't we? why is this just endless, pointless small talk
  • disconnected, distant.
  • why was it you?
  • i haven't been at ease since then, today it still doesn't feel right.
dec 1 2015 ∞
mar 8 2016 +