• xtina; she/her. cis; circa 1994; black american; istj/infj; fattie (as in im fat)
  • csa survivor; clinical depression; social anxiety disorder
  • bi girl likes girls and likes girls a lot deeply greatly
  • sci-fi, space fanatic; urban fantasy; magic realism
  • kpop; korean media; anime/manga; books
  • star trek, super trekkie and tos elitist
  • the get down, dark matter, the flash, teen wolf, agents of shield, mtv rw/the challenge
  • netflix should pay me cuz i make the most of my subscription
  • im poor, see my wishlist
  • im learning spanish (self taught) korean, and trying vietnamese
  • i have a bachelors degree. BS. health major.
  • im a writer on occasion
  • aspiring art hoe
  • BLM, a feminist, a man hater, a right hander, astigmatism
  • no one loves frank ocean more than me
apr 23 2017 ∞
may 25 2017 +