➸ riss (@jojibug): my best friend of like 4 maybe 5 years i love her so much!!! we've been friends since our freshman year so we've kinda been through a lot together? i mean we went from being into bands to me getting her into kpop keke <3

➸ julia (@KINOVATlON): i would gladly die for her....she is so cute and sweet ahhh an ANGEL!! mr kang hyunggu's gf (sorry i make the rules :*) we've been mutuals since our book twt days and we're still goin strong (":

➸ kat (@jisoowa): my angel the love of my LIFE the hwiyoung to my taeyang!!! she’s so sweet and cute and funny and i love her and her freckles so much /: i want her to be happy always!! big ex dee <3

sep 24 2017 ∞
mar 3 2018 +