▵ i'm not an age; i'm not a name; i'm not a hometown; i'm not a brand, a logo, a company; i'm not a school, a church, an office; i'm not too young, too fast, too naïve; i'm not my parents, my family, my education;

▵ i am the things i say, the things i do, the things i think; i am the things i write, the things i read, the things i listen to; i am my memories, old scents from the past, old tastes, car rides in the passenger seat that lead to nowhere; i am melancholy, and laughter, and silently shed tears; i am the sea, waves crashing beneath, colorful fishes that swim; i am the sun, the smell of fresh rain, lazy mornings and late nights, new clothes and old books; i am watercolor drawings and doodles on school notebooks; i am youth, nonconformism, revelry, riot, forgiveness;

▵ i am, for once, me

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