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"I'll give you a wonderful happiness
With overflowing, sparkling smiles
Each good thing you do
will fill your heart up little by little!"

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i love making new friends, so please feel free to talk to me or @ me in stuff whenever you want!

may 16 2017 ∞
dec 6 2018 +
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  • i tend to retweet stuff a lot more than i tweet, mostly art of my favorite characters. i'm very rt heavy, please don't follow me if that bothers you!
  • i tweet about how much i love certain characters (the ones on my favorite characters list mostly) a lot and will often call them my wives/husbands/daughters/etc. i really don't want to compete over who loves/ids with them more, so please don't direct stuff like that towards me! in fact, i really love finding other people who share my feelings towards my favorite characters, so feel free to talk about how much you love them w me if you want!
  • if we're mutuals i'd appreciate it a lot if you please don't diss stuff that's important to me where i can see it, this goes for characters/ships/interests/etc. i'm not asking you to like them if you don't but just be respectful and i'll do the s...
may 16 2017 ∞
aug 7 2018 +
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discord is where i'm the most active and if we're mutuals feel free to ask me for my handle!

here are my ids for games i play a lot and other misc stuff! feel free to add me if you want, just let me know if you do so i make sure to accept!

  • granblue fantasy: 17545578
  • fire emblem heroes: 1037838002
  • starlight stage/deresute: 931773081
may 16 2017 ∞
mar 4 2019 +
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i'm not fictionkin, but these are characters that i identify with a lot! i don't mind at all if you id with them too!

  • haruka amami
  • kanako mimura
  • camilla (fire emblem fates)
  • rosetta (granblue fantasy)
  • osakabehime (fgo)
  • da vinci (fgo)
  • satsuki kiryuuin
  • yuno gasai
  • ibuki mioda
  • nagisa nonohara
  • stocking anarchy

and these are other characters that i don't identify with but love a whole lot (in no particular order)!! ♡♡

♥ idolmaster (765/cg/sidem/ml) ♥

  • chihaya kisaragi
  • azusa miura
may 16 2017 ∞
mar 7 2019 +
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i have a lot more but these are the big ones/my current special interests!

  • idolm@ster (starlight stage/cinderella girls is one of my biggest special interests but i also like first vision, theater days, and a little bit of sidem too!)
  • granblue fantasy (another one of my biggest special interests)
  • splatoon
  • bandori
  • love live! (mostly school idol festival)
  • vocaloid (my favorite producers are u-ske, sedo sounder, tiara, akagami, and yuyoyuppe!)
  • fire emblem (awakening, fates, and heroes)
  • fate/grand order
  • dragalia lost
  • dangan ronpa
  • boku no hero academia (anime only atm)
  • cookie run
may 16 2017 ∞
jan 11 2019 +