♡ hallo! my name is georgia, im a 19 year old female animator stationed in canada with big dreams of being a school aidoru and maybe living off my art one day.

♡ sheridan animation 2022

♡ i'm really shy and i tend to say awkward and weird things, i hope i don't scare you off because i really do like meeting people,,, (  ゚,_ゝ゚)

♡ i'm ace (uninterested) and unsure of my orientation i just love my boyfriend

jun 22 2018 ∞
dec 10 2018 +

♡ im chronically tired and i sleep a lot

♡ 200% neurotic

♡ i have a boyfriend and he's my entire world

♡ i've been drawing digitally for 12 years, seriously drawing for around 8 years

♡ coffee and tea lover! !

♡ im a living doll motherfucker

jun 22 2018 ∞
dec 10 2018 +
  • i play love live!! my favs are kotori and nico.
  • my favourite flavour is grape and green apple.
  • im a stuffie hoarder! amuse and san-x is my favourite!
  • im a first year at sheridan college studying animation.
  • i've been drawing since i was an infant and animating since i was 7.
  • my first youtube account where i posted animations was made in 2008! it is forever lost to time tho.
  • my favourite food is poutine, but my favourite cuisine is japanese!
  • i have raynauds disease! i am always very cold!
  • i'm obsessed with memorizing complicated or long song lyrics, usually rap! it's very stimulating to my brain!
  • i cant read an analog clock.
oct 25 2018 ∞
oct 25 2018 +
  • animation commission for KittenDoodles (paid)(started)
  • ref sheet for wishsper (paid)(almost done)(on hold cause they disappeared lol)
  • outro for aleks
  • chibi commission for masterrj (almost done)
mar 1 2018 ∞
feb 6 2019 +

♥'s art, furries, monster girls, korilakkuma, bjd dolls, zombies, nail polish and at-home manicures, rick and morty, horror movies, rammstein, lolita, poutine, cats, coke zero, tea and coffee, cooking, sewing, sushi, ecchi animes, debating sjw discourse, the walking dead, animating,die antwoord, minecraft, l4d2, buzzfeed unsolved, copic markers, bloodhound gang, phantom of the opera, skullgirls, peropero sparkles, true crime, sour candy, sanrio and san-x


meat, loud noises, being talked over, drama, confrontation, serious conversations, cheaters, open doors, sitting down while someone is standing up, sjws, all peppers except red ones, cringe compilations, religion, spicy food, feminism, it/it's and bun/bunself type pronouns, double standards, tomatoes

feb 24 2018 ∞
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