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“I really like the sound of raindrops. The way it hits the windows, like ddak ddak ddak ddak ddak~ It smells nice too~”

  • name: esai
  • age: 24
  • birthday: march 3
  • height: 5'4"
  • identity and orientation: cis lesbian (she/her)

what my twitter account is mainly about/for:

  • snsd + shinee, casually rv
  • films and tv series
  • literature
  • pop culture criticism
  • video games
apr 8 2021 ∞
apr 8 2021 +


  • permanently retired from public spaces. the chances of me unlocking my account again? 0.0000001%! the possibility is still there, but it's very small.
  • when it comes to k-pop, I only am here for ot8 snsd, and ot5 shineevelvet. I don't care and would prefer not to associate with the fandom in any social network platform, in any capacity.
  • I use twitter blockchain, similar extensions and scripts that autoblock accounts that have interacted with offensive tweets.
apr 8 2021 ∞
apr 8 2021 +