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evak da série norueguesa skam:

even bech næsheim

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  • kind
  • artist
  • poet


  • making movies
  • to draw
  • guitars

"Because there's only you and your thoughts, you know. You can't escape your thoughts. The only way is to die."

"The only way to have something for infinite time, is by losing it."


isak valtersen

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  • awkward
  • but confident


  • video games
  • skate
  • internet

"... I want my life to be real. And even though sometimes it’s totally fucked up, it’s still better than it being completely fake and boring. It’s a bit cliché to say, but you never know who’s dead tomorrow. And if you believe in Allah or Jesus or the evolution theory or parallel universes, it’s just one thing we know for sure… That life is now".


"How many Isaks and Evens do you think are lying like this right now?"


"In infinite time".

"Dear Isak. I am now sitting at the place where we first met and thinking about you. It’s soon 21:21. I want to tell you a thousand things. I’m sorry for scaring you. I’m sorry I hurt you. I’m sorry for not telling you I’m bipolar. I was afraid of loosing you. I had forgot it’s not possible to lose someone, that all people are alone anyway. In another place in the universe we are together for eternity, remember that. I love you. Even."

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