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Giant fic rec

There will be no major character deaths or unhappy endings.

Most will be Yoonseok and Namjin. There will/might be some VHope, JiHope, VKook, JiKook, VMin.

! - NSFW
♡ - Personal Favourite
△ - Chaptered
○ - One-shot

HS follows:

Namjoon didn't expect to run into the TA from his philosophy class at the gay bar Taehyung and Jimin drag him to, he really didn't expect him to look this nice outside of class, and he really, really didn't expect to have a crush on him.

It's going to be an interesting semester.

Korea goes into an uproar when its announced that its faceless King, Kim Namjoon, likes men and only men. In an effort to get him married off, his grandmother holds a competition in which the winner will become the King's spouse. Korea's gay men gather to win over the King's heart, but from just one look Namjoon feels himself drawn to one particular candidate, Kim Seokjin.

Namjoon is the CEO of a big medical company in Korea. He's filthy rich, yet he needs time to indulge himself. One night he finds himself walking the streets of Itaewon's red-light district and meets the cutest but sexiest boy he's seen in quite a while.

The boy acts like a baby sometimes, and Namjoon is thoroughly intrigued. Innocence clashing with pink, lace panties and a nice ball gag make Namjoon want to dominate and ruin the poor pink-loving boy.

"You're sort of bad at this."

"Nah. You're safe, aren't you?"

Namjoon forgets about Seokjin’s birthday and Seokjin tries very hard not to care.

Namjoon's a single father dealing with anxiety. Seokjin's a single father who's falling in love. Hoseok's a single father fighting for his child. Yoongi's the glue that holds it all together.


The time five-year-old Taehyung kidnaps five-year-old Jungkook...and makes them all family.

Seokjin loved working at the library, but some patrons got on his nerves. Take, for example, the grown man who sat in the corner every day and leeched off of the Wi-Fi. And Seokjin worked in the children’s department.

Mom Sort Of

[Today, 8:11 am]



[Today, 8:16 am]


Mom Sort Of

[Today, 8:16 am]


r u n c h r a n d a.


this is going to sound like the weirdest shit okay look i used ur selcas to catfish and this older dude is gonna buy me stuff but i have to send him a selca with a peace sign

~ * ~ pingkeu jin ~ * ~

hahahahahahaha wtf

namjoon punches seokjin in the face. twice.

Kim Seokjin is a wedding caterer. Kim Namjoon is a wedding planner. Both of them think marriage is a societal construct with no place in modern life. Neither of them would know Real Love if it came up to them at a wedding and made a wager.

A followup fic to A Wonderful Institution. 30% fluff, 30% smut, 20% domesticity, and 20% whatever the heck I think of when I think of it.

Namjoon is sitting on the bed closest to the window, leaning back on his palms. His back is to Seokjin, but the elder can tell that Namjoon is spaced out, staring out the window at the encroaching darkness. The view is nice, but Namjoon’s thoughts are too prevalent. He’s wearing his own yukata, just as loosely, and Seokjin wonders, with a smile, if he walked down the hall with his chest on display.

Namjoon calls Seokjin every day to tell him how much he means to him, even if Seokjin never gets to hear it.

Namjoon has a crush and he sits two seats over and to the left.

because, okay, namjoon had heard california was known for having it all. what he hadn't been warned about was the insane amount of attractive people thrown into the mix.

more specifically, seokjin kim. twenty-four years old, pre-med graduate, surfing enthusiast and walking sex on legs.

namjoon was doomed.

Prompt: "Namjin studying together and Namjoon can't stop staring."

Turned into a collection of pointless Namjin fluff.

Jin thinks working at the bookshop is great especially when you meet a boy with the cutest dimples ever.

Seokjin is used to getting calls from social workers at all hours of the day, but never this late at night.

(In which Hoseok loses a mom and gains two dads and four brothers.)

Psych professor Kim Namjoon "runs into" (literally) campus librarian Kim Seokjin, and the cute ensues as Namjoon comes to terms that he might be head-over heels for him. One Shot College AU.

“joonie...joon, honey what's up, what's w-with...ah…all the marks? fuck…”

namjoon paused for a second to mumble “nothin’...just like marking you up…” he continued to kiss seokjin’s skin.

seokjin raised an eyebrow at this. “why? you only mark me when i go out...are you jealous or something?” when he felt namjoon tense slightly, he knew he had gotten his answer. “fuck babe, you’re jealous aren’t you?” namjoon stopped and sat up, eyes wide.

(aka namjoon is sensitive and wants to make sure everyone, especially seokjin's friends, know's what belongs to him)

Namjoon just wanted to order pizza, but his stupid mouth had to screw things up for him.

Kim Namjoon can't cook, but he somehow becomes obsessed with a cooking blog called 'EatJin' and the sassy and mysterious person behind it.

In the realm of real life he isn't doing much better, because there's a ridiculously handsome guy with broad shoulders called Kim Seokjin that works in a nearby supermarket who is slowly ruining his life. Little does he know, they're actually the same person.

If Jin knew his dentist would be so attractive, he would have started an intense dental care regime long ago.

Every time Jin bends over, Namjoon slaps his ass. It was supposed to be a joke the first few times, but now Jin seems to be bending over a lot more.

[Clown Fuckers]

/Yoongles added Namjoon to the chat/

Jungcock: Whomst’ve?

(Jin)gle Balls: Yo wtf, clown fuckers chat only.

Yoongles: Can y’all chill? This is my best friend

Namjoon he just got hired.

Namjoon: Wtf goes on?


BTS work at Mcdonalds and use this chat to numb the pain


The chat fic namjin enthusiasts need.

On the Internet, college senior Kim Seokjin is known as the Pink Princess: a blogger that inspires his thousands of followers by not being afraid to accept and be himself. In real life, he is known as "that weirdo wearing girly clothes."

Seokjin is aware that he is not the type of person you’d expect to wear pastel fashion. He's not short. He doesn’t have a feminine face. He's not tiny and frail, his broad shoulders attesting to that. People look at him strangely, some going as far as to call him names. Despite this, Seokjin doesn’t allow the judgment from others to stop him from liking what he likes (including people of the same sex).

However, Seokjin's confidence and acceptance of who he is will be tested when he falls for an underground rapper who is more troubled than he lets on.

Namjoon wakes up after surgery and meets the hottest man on planet earth. Of course, it would help to know how he got there.

Kim Namjoon is a famous rapper by the name of RM.

Kim Seokjin is a famous model/actor under the stage name Jin.

What happens when the press discovers that RM has a picture of Jin as his lockscreen and RM admits that he has a crush on him?

They both end up on the reality tv show that requires them to live together as if they were a couple.

As Namjoon stood slightly removed from the scene, bemusedly watching the six-year-olds swarm around his cooler (which he had borrowed from his mom), he didn’t even notice that someone had sidled up next to him until he heard the tiny, but undoubtedly exasperated, huff.

He followed the sound, turning his head to the right. A guy was standing there, arms crossed, lips pursed. He let out another huff, louder this time, but only slightly.

Namjoon refused to acknowledge him. What the fuck was this guy’s deal? Was he really that bitter that his six-year-old just lost a soccer game for six-year-olds?

One more huff from the guy.

He was beginning to think this guy’s lips were just perpetually pursed and would simply never, ever unpurse themselves, when he, the guy, finally unpursed his lips to speak.

“I just think it’s pretty irresponsible to bring Gatorade to a soccer game for first graders,” he said, huffily, “No offense.”

(or: namjin are soccer dads who fall in luv)

From tumblr prompt:

i’m obsessed with a food blogger who writes about cheap ways to be gourmet in your 20s and i flirt with them over comments but they never post pictures of their face and ALSO there’s a really cute grocery bagger at the store down the street who teases me and always asks to join me for dinner and i definitely want to say yes AU

Namjoon exudes power in everything that he does. From the bass of his voice that thrums low in Seokjin’s gut with every whisper and growl, to his stature as he looms over everyone (including those taller than him), to the way he swipes a once pristine cloth over the stainless metal of his guns, soaking up the blood and dirt medals earned from the nameless men killed at any given time.

A pink tongue slides over plump lips as Seokjin forces his eyes up to Namjoon’s own when he speaks again, going over their latest heists and how some grunts had nearly jeopardized things worth more than their lives warranted. It’s always amused Seokjin how out of the two of them, Namjoon is the boss. He’s a hustler in any and every sense of the world- and he’s entirely proud of it. Seokjin himself is one of Namjoon’s many prizes.

And as far as Namjoon is concerned, Seokjin’s only earned title is bitch.

Namjoon needs to focus, but Jin has other ideas. Also how difficult is it to be emotionless while discreetly getting head under a desk? Kim Namjoon is about to find out.

Dear Seokjin,

I love you.



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