• I struggle with some disorders (mental and physical) and I can be quite a negative person. I do go to therapy and am working towards bettering myself however.
  • Please let me know if I say anything disrespectful or out of line at any time. I make mistakes.
  • While I do try to stay informed about current politics and world issues, I rarely post about them.
  • Fandom discourse is very annoying and I don't engage.
  • I will not tolerate any kind of discrimination or bigotry. You are not welcome here.
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oct 4 2021 +


  • Frequent NSFW, more specifically images. (Occasional is fine, and warnings/tags are appreciated. FYI I often use twitter/tumblr in public.)
  • Heavy alcohol/drug use. Tag/warning appreciated.

Less of an issue:

  • Expect to be muted if you post a lot of spoilers of whatever without tagging.
  • There are some ships that I hate. I don't care if you like them, but a warning nonetheless.
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feb 16 2020 +




  • Ask for Discord tag.
  • Switch Friend Code: SW-1586-5951-8692
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aug 27 2021 +