• Caucasian
    • Cause I can't make pretty mixed babies without one. Jamaica goes too well with any kind of European to waste on some African aboriginal. It's not a race card, its just a decision I'm making for my future fetuses.
  • Plays a Sport.
    • Hockey, US Football.. but if you're really trying to turn me on, tell me you played Footy or Rugby.
      • A respectable passion can be acepted in lieu of athleticism. Photography perhaps, or Gourmet Cooking.
  • Confidence
    • Princes don't have flaws, even if they do. And I want to learn those flaws for myself. Mention one thing about your insecurities and guess what: I'll see them all.
  • At least 7 years on me.
    • I'm a princess. I intend to always be the young pretty one in our relationship. Doesn't mean I want to be inferior, just means that I want to know that you're smarter than me lifewise, even though I can run academic circles around you.
  • Taller Than Me in Pumps.
    • I'm 5'3. My highest heel skyrockets me to 5'8. Which means you'd better be clocking at least 6' or this is going to be embarrassing for both of us.
  • Family Oriented
    • You'd better look at my pretty princess eyes and fantasize how good they'll look on our little girl. Out loud. Nothing is sexier than a man who wants you to be the Mama to his children.
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user picture C! Lynette: Bwahahaha I love yo face Lena. This is just so well written I can't even roll my eyes at it. dec 7 2013