• i'm obsessed with hair that looks nothing like mine

which is dumb, because honestly, you're never going to have long flowing hair that comes down over your shoulders and looks like a waterfall. #getoverit

  • i constantly want smaller boobs

but not enough to pursue a reduction, so you should stop that too. you have huge boobs, allena. that's your life. just be okay with it. they don't hurt, they aren't cancerous (yet) - all in all, a good rack. and they'll probably get you into clubs.

  • i pretend not to care about what people think.

ridiculous. twice as much work as just admitting it and then acting as such. because you do act as such. although you're slowly getting better at NOT caring.

  • i hate that i wear glasses

getting contacts soon, but honestly, people don't even realize. and i don't categorize people according to their eyesight, and no one does, so why should i degrade myself?

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