• "Hung up the phone, good as married."
  • "If the worms are big, the garden will do well in the summer"
  • "Without integrity there is nothing."
  • "It was the moth effect. a moth flapped its wings, i went to the game, and the entire world changed."
  • "What is this? the breakfast club?"
  • "Never let a dog go near the frozen lake - they don't understand that it's not frozen."
  • "Welcome to the state of confusion."
  • "You should always assume you're being watched."
  • "What is random is not random. There is no such thing as an coincidence."
  • "I don't need to say that, seems like everytime I say that someone does the opposit.e"
    • on saying "Make good decisions."
  • "You can't live on yesterdays heroics for too long."
  • "Embrace the pillow of wonderment while you fall asleep."
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user picture bliss: "They don't need seats, they're atop God's shoulders." mar 1 2012