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⚘ 必杀我漂亮的花男孩,杀我的冰王子,要杀我 ⚘

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Hello, I'm Megan and I'm 16 years (970617) old from the United Kingdom (England to be exact.) I've only liked K-Pop since early 2013 but as you can see I've ended up in a black hole full of groups that I just can't seem to get my way out of. I'm a College student studying History, English Literature, Graphic Design and Media studies and I want it to be the Summer holidays. I could probably list some stuff that I like, so here we go;

  • Korean Pop Music
  • Crime Dramas
  • Puppies
  • Winter
  • Apple Products
  • Cath Kidston (anything floral print to be honest)
  • The Mortal Instruments, The Hunger Games and Divergent
  • Cooking Shows
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So here is a big list of the groups I like (Some I like more than others but I'm guessing that's a bit obvious) and my biases in those groups, I have more than one bias for some groups because it's just too impossible to even pick between the two. This is just the male groups that I like (it's kind of in favourite order);

  • Infinite
    • Myungsoo (L)
  • B1A4
    • Jinyoung
  • GOT7
    • Mark
  • ZE:A
    • Siwan and Minwoo
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I'm not really that big on girl groups but I'm getting there so here are the quite small amount of girl groups that I like'

  • Girl's Day
    • Sojin
  • APink
    • Bomi and Naeun and Eunji
  • Girls' Generation
    • Yoona (and kind of Jessica)
  • AOA
    • Hyejeong and Mina
  • After School
    • Raina and Nana
  • 9Muses
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