hello my name is jen(nifer) but i also go by yume sometimes!

  • 26
  • gay af
  • she/her
  • living in the east coast, us (rip me)
  • single af
  • dining services/waitstaff at a retirement home

i'm mostly into idols/girl groups, jpop and kpop specifically. check my jpop/kpop lists to see my fave groups!

certified weeb trash and amateur cosplayer.

slight warning! i DO have depression and anxiety/social anxiety but i don't let it define me. i still have trouble approaching people but it's a lot easier for me to do so online versus doing it irl! i have my moments but never think YOU did something wrong. <33

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i usually wouldn't do this but it doesn't hurt to have one~

i'm generally a chill person but i do have my moments as we all do. i try to not talk about excessive stuff on my main twitters, i have a private for that (and no don't ask, i'll follow you if we close n' stuff)

i try to censor certain words if i'm talking about certain topics (this goes for my main mostly) if i don't for some reason and it bothers you PLEASE don't be afraid to let me know because i most likely didn't do so on purpose <3


YES, i ship people and things, and yes i realize and know ppl won't ship the same thing i do and that's cool. i have notp's too, and they're popular. just don't shove them down my throat (it's happened, how do you think they became notps...) and i will not do so to you. i may get carrie...

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excluding idols and anime idols here is other things i like/do~

  • i do covers online!! as in i sing jpop and kpop songs. i'm not super good but i've been doing it since 2008. if you wanna listen to them just ask~
  • pokemon.
  • video games!!! i'm a nerd
  • dragon age and skyrim are also top faves~
  • yuri. this doesn't need an explanation
  • cats. i am a cat mom and aspire to be a full blown cat lady when i'm old.
  • sleeping. who doesn't?
  • food. see above


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