• please softblock when unfollowing if were mutuals!
  • i'm not spoiler-free unless if its like, a big deal
  • i've only started id'ing as lesbian fairly recently and i'm still not 100% sure of the label.
  • i'm anti-self diagnosis.
  • i do like the yandere trope, however i don't tweet about it often
  • i don't believe sexuality should have anything to do with when/how often you feel attraction (demisexuality, greysexuality, etc.). alongside that i don't see cishet aces as lgbt (dont confuse this with cis aroaces/etc.).
  • i believe fiction does affect reality but does not equal it.
  • for the most i don't really care about another persons interests / beliefs unless it's presented hatefully or harmfully.

;; dfi

  • you fit the usual dfi criteria (homophobic, transphobic, racist, etc)
  • you make autism jokes, or think autism is funny
  • you actively partake in discourse / callout culture / cancel culture
  • you're a highly negative / pessimistic person and express such
  • you think condoning / liking something in fiction is equivalent to supporting it in reality
  • you ship real people
  • you like pulp in orange juice
  • (ok that last one is a joke but if you like pulp, what the fuck)
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