• please softblock when unfollowing if were mutuals!
  • i'm anti-self diagnosis.
  • i'm (professionally diagnosed) autistic, have social anxiety and depression, and am suspected to have adhd. please go easy on me.
  • i do like the yandere trope, however i don't tweet about it often
  • i think asexuality is a valid sexuality however if you can describe your sexuality as being cishet (cis and exclusively opposite-sex attracted in any way) i don't think that is lgbt.
    • i also don't think sexuality should have anything to do with how often you experience attraction
  • i really don't care about another persons interests / beliefs unless it's presented hatefully or harmfully.
    • i believe fiction does affect reality (in minor ways) but does not equal it.
    • mob-mentality and using buzzwords to situations where they don't apply is nothing but harmful.
  • slurs make me uncomfortable even if reclaimed, please don't use them around me

;; dfi

these criteria only apply to my personal account. you're free to follow my art account (@y_rirel) if these apply.

  • you fit the usual dfi criteria (homophobic, transphobic, racist, etc)
  • you make autism jokes, think autism is funny, or use it as an insult (or any disability/condition for that matter)
  • you actively partake in discourse/drama
  • you're just looking for a followback, or unfollow after i dont followback. i think its rude :)
  • you're an anti/terf/radfem
  • you think fiction = reality
  • you're a highly negative / pessimistic person and express such
  • you're under 16 (current mutuals are OK)
  • you ship real people
  • you like pulp in orange juice
  • (ok that last one is a joke but if you like pulp, what the fuck)
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