• anime
    • queue: N/A
    • constant: gundam, inuyasha, ranma 1/2, most shoujo slice of life (ore monogatari, kimi ni todoke, etc)
  • manga
    • queue: haikyuu!!, chainsaw man, golden kamuy, dorohedoro
  • games
    • queue: danganronpa: trigger happy havoc, ghost trick, pokemon shield
    • current [re-play]: phoenix wright: ace attorney trilogy
    • on-hold: off (game)
    • retro: princess tomato in the salad kingdom, boulder dash, tetris, galaga, super mario bros., spelunky, etc
  • mobage (yes this has a special bracket. a special place in hell)
    • ensemble stars!!
    • uta macross sma-phone de culture
    • touken ranbu
    • arknights
    • disgaea RPG

if u want my game ID, just lmk :)

oct 4 2020 ∞
apr 26 2021 +