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this is brooke's byf/about me page!

brooke follows:

theres really nothing different than the usual dont be a disgusting person lmao

  • dont follow if ur a homophobe, transphobe, pedo, racist, anything else thats gross
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dec 6 2018 +

just some things to keep in mind:

  • im nb and i only use they/them pronouns
    • u can call me brooke, brookie, brooby, whatever makes u happy!!
  • 19 y.o.
    • u can follow me if ur younger but just keep this in mind!
  • lesbian
  • white

dont refer to me as a girl/woman its makes me uncomfortable

also: here are some links to stuff

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jan 5 2019 +

animes/cartoons i like + the characters from them

  • hunter x hunter (the main 4, alluka, komugi, pakunoda)
  • pokemon sun & moon (lillie, kiawe, gladion, olivia, all of them tbh)
  • fullmetal alchemist (ling, ed, greed, winry, olivier)
  • bnha (nejire, kirishima, yuuyu)
  • zombieland saga (lily, yugiri, saki, everyone! i love them)
  • gravity falls (stan, mabel, pacifica)
  • hilda
  • she ra (catra, bow)
  • mp100 (reigen)


  • pokemon - leaf green, diamond, black, white 2, X, alpha sapphire, sun, ultra sun
  • zero escape (junpei, snake, clover, lotus)
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feb 13 2019 +

western music:

  • young the giant, the strokes, hayley kiyoko, lorde, beach house, bad things, bastille, washed out, the kooks
  • i listen to a lot of alt/indie/surf rock


  • seventeen, loona, chungha, hyuna, anda, wjsn, twice, clc, pristin, bts, laysha, sunmi, pentagon, etc.
  • i have a more comprehensive list of my fav groups and biases if u wanna look on the listo on my kpop twt
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feb 6 2019 +