• My twitter is definitely not a spoiler-free zone.
  • I'm 20↑. While I don't mind talking to people younger or older than me, feel free to softblock me if that makes you uncomfortable.
  • Fiction ≠ Reality.
  • I tweet/retweet whatever I feel like at the moment, including complains and rants about pretty much everything.
  • The only thing I tag are NSFW images (and I hardly ever RT any).
  • Chances are that if you don't have any link with info about you (listo, carrd, whatever) or I think something there could make us not get along, I won't follow you back.
    • If you start a conversation and show me that my judgement was wrong I will be happy to do it, though!
  • If you are part of the Shuuen no Shiori fandom, chances are that if I don't know you I will never follow back or start an interaction because I feel very unsafe around Shuuen fans in general.
  • Again, if you talk to me first and show me you are not an asshole I will be happy to do it.
  • I like to make my mutuals suffer by retweeting food pics once in a while so, uh, be aware of that.
  • I'm chill with pretty much everything fandom-wise? You can like whatever you want, even if I don't like it, it's not my place to demand people to give a stranger their very personal reasons as to Why They Should Be Allowed To Enjoy This Very Specific Fictional Content. I do joke about it sometimes with friends, though.
    • As such, if you come to tell me how much of a gross person I am for liking something, I'll block you right away.
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