I try to be super chill and not mind the small things too much, but I do have limits.

Squicks (I won't kill you for having it, but you should tag it):

  • NSFW (it varies. Some days, I'm squicked out, other days, I don't mind it. Either way, I'd love if you'd tag it. Blood/gore is fine.)
    • From now on, blood/gore will ALWAYS be tagged and graphic sexual stuff will NEVER be RTed.
  • Honestly if it has a fairly common trigger for people and you don't tag it or at least have a TW, I'll feel pretty squicked out. I don't have many triggers myself, but I hate it when people are being inconsiderate of others. At least TRY to accommodate others; it won't kill you.


  • You are homophobic/ transphobic/ LGBTQphobic in any way, shape, or form (this also includes ace/arophobia.
  • You are a transmed/truscum.
  • You are racist/ xenophobic AND/OR against certain religions
  • You support Donald Trump or people who like/are like him.
  • You like throwing around ableist slurs (Seriously, learn the difference between being evil and being "sick in the head" or whatever).
  • Are misogynistic/sexist (NOTE: "Misandry" is NOT sexism in that it is not systematic. Even then, if I see you making fun of male victims, I can and will cut contact with you.)
  • just please don't be an asshat kthx
  • No, being """"respectful"""" doesn't give you a free pass to violate my DNI. Violating my DNI in and of itself is disrespectful.
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