(not necessarily in chronological order)

  • "...Jenna and Beth are MAKING OUT..!"
  • "Gavin, who you tryna hook up with?"
  • "Well if ya don't like it, don't look at it"
    • every Zack Attack moment.
      • Emily and Zack Attack
      • Zack Attack sleeping in Jenna's brother's room
  • Katrina peeing on the deck
  • Cody and Caroline having sex on the lawn
    • (didn't actually happen)
  • Jenna running away
  • Nick raping Erin
  • Nick
  • KT, Kat and me doing a smith run
    • McDicks
      • 7 apple pies
        • me eating 5 of them and not sharing
  • Katrina and I starting trouble
  • Kiley dropping her pants on the stairs to get Nick's attention so he could escort her to the bathroom
  • Kelly
  • Beth
  • Stephen coming to the rescue
  • kate taking a bath, zack attack wacking off at the same time
    • tru stor-e
  • Jenna's grandma comin up
  • Gavin convincing me it was a good idea for me to drive him home
    • I don't have a permit or license
      • and I told him that.
  • Me hugging kat for the 3rd time in the 8 years that I've known that hoe
nov 20 2010 ∞
dec 5 2010 +
user picture kate: kate taking a bath, zack attack wacking off at the same time nov 24 2010
user picture caroline: you forgot jenna's grandma nov 25 2010
user picture caroline: stephen giving sam a ride home....not even that funny, just fucking random
user picture Emily: wait oh my god. don't forget you hugging katrina for the first time. dec 1 2010