• Recreational hip hop
  • 2 naked lesbians in the hot tub
    • Beth pressures Kelly
  • "Speed Weed" Rotation
  • Kat using the noisemakers
    • to the rhythm of:
      • Rihanna song: "Oh na na, what's my name"
      • All That theme song
  • Greg and Gina come home
    • creepy santa as yankee swap gift
  • Jenna being kidnapped and held at gun point
    • Kat crying
      • looked like kat was laughing, but she was rly crying
  • Lack of Nicktard
  • Sam's car
    • located in the middle of the road
    • keys in car
      • AAA
dec 31 2010 ∞
jan 1 2011 +
user picture Katie: is Speed Weed a reference to a law and order svu producer? jan 5 2011
user picture Zoe: no it's actually not! but wait, there's a producer with that name!?! I think I'm remembering that now... omg this is crazy to me hahaha jan 8 2011
user picture Jenna: the bagel catastrophe in the morning. beth repin' her lifestyle. may 2 2011