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apr 13 2010 ∞
aug 25 2010 +
user picture Katie: going overseas, I see? apr 30 2010
user picture Zoe: yeeeeee s0n! may 2 2010
user picture Cathy: Check out Central Saint Martins if you are interested in art. They are the best in London (I'm also bias since I am going there next year.) may 13 2010
user picture Zoe: ooo I wish I could get into the best art school in London let alone have any remote artistic talent. But I'm leanin' more towards Psych and/or Photography! Will you be there just for your junior year? Or until you graduate? may 18 2010
user picture Cathy: Just for junior year but I'm probably trying to go back for Grad school if they'll have me! aug 25 2010
user picture Zoe: You must tell me all about it when you get back plz!! sep 6 2010