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  • online buying~ ahhh they make it so easy!
  • flossing
  • writing in my new planner
  • finishing the summer reading list
  • dunkin donuts iced coffee
  • not a new found obsession but now that it's summer i have spent much more time on it
  • same as above
  • owning another pair of Earth shoes~ i know i know they're ugly
  • coloring
  • pokemon ds~ i am retrograding to the 8 year old i never was
  • to be a size 8 again so that i can wear my cute beige dress pants to work and my also cute wide legged jeans, both of which i've never even worn yet....although i'm not doing much about this obsession b/c working out is not my favorite
jun 28 2008 ∞
jan 2 2012 +