• how i loved to smell her pillow when i was little
  • squashing myself against her till i fell asleep as a kid
  • how she played barbies with me that one day
  • when i made her feed each one of my barbies first before feeding me, or i wouldn't eat
  • i dont know what time of the night it was, but i remember getting woken up from her kissing me all over my face
  • i was really little and we were rushing to catch a connecting a flight, there were people at the gate yelling at us to hurry before the plane leaves and my mom told me to run with her, my little legs couldnt catch up, so she picked me up by the stomache and ran with me sideways against her till we made it to the gate, carry-on bags and everything
  • starting to say i love you to eachother again, now that i'm at age 20, after about 10 years of not saying it.
  • her big and hearty laugh when i was little, but she doesnt laugh like that anymore
dec 19 2008 ∞
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