• A-Rod - saw him walking out of Chipotle at the Harbor during parent's weekend
  • Damien Rice - asked if I could take a picture with him at the seaport in new york, I believe it was his first show in the u.s.
  • Derek Jeter - was selected to ask him a question at a benefit when I was 12 and got a baseball autographed
  • Ethan Hawke - saw him at a play in NY with Becky and her grandma on NYE
  • Fred Armisen - saw him eating at La Bonne Soupe on NYE
  • Lil John - saw him at maloof money cup skateboarding tourn. in corona park with Jen B
  • Mars Volta dudes except for Cedric - said hi and stuff after their concert
  • Ping - (project runway) met her buying corn on Kissena Blvd and asked if I could take a picture
  • Rudy Giuliani - he went to the eatery next to my mom's cafe and wanted some of mom's coffee, so I went and delivered it
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