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  • the Beagle incident. M and I think that the owners are trying to kill their dog by letting it roam around on the side of a busy road. Saw the dog once during the day, then almost hit it dead on during the night. We're calling ASPCA ASAP
  • getting free food on 4/20. the cashier woman was on some sort of hallucinogen/stimulant and all the items we were carrying in order to stay up late for hw confused her so she charged him half and me free.
  • i entered a chinese essay contest, and all i won was a stankin book/oh wait, then i got a $75 check in the mail weeks later
  • seeing the arch nemisis at tiff's school while at the concert
  • finding out high school friend is a mom (maybe that might have been december 2007)
  • thought we saw colin hanks in the city while with giovanna
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