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  • went to the hospital first few weeks of school
  • wasn't talking to mom first few weeks of school
  • was almost accused of academic dishonesty
  • put on probation at my joke job
  • had a job all year
  • hated my roommates
  • got a new roommate/room
  • new room is so sweet/roommate is a little sketchy but nice
  • m had a sweet room first semester, but ra job sucked
  • m's new room is nice, but roommates crazy as well
  • did really really well in classes
  • didn't make any new friends
  • don't like friends made last year
  • had a lot of fun with m/exploring/adventuring
  • was ACA PR for a semester, quit cuz it sucked
  • considered transferring for the first time
  • cooked so much more than last year
may 5 2008 ∞
jan 2 2012 +