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All those people, all those lives, where are they now? With loves, and hates, and passions just like mine, They were born, And then they lived, And then they died. It seems so unfair. I want to cry.

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  • when dogs lay their chin on me while resting
  • dogs
  • all the mariachi bands that play in my neighborhood every year around graduation
  • cacti of all kinds
  • dioramas
  • when people can't get the beat right on a clap to music
  • the wild highland park parrots
  • when my dog seems to be smiling at me
  • when an item has like one star or a movie has like 10% tomatoes --so funny
  • when tour bus drivers are ready to go home and they drive super fast and the tourists are flying by and trying to take pictures
  • when a big line forms right after you've ordered
  • when you great have sex with a random person in your dream
  • the house right after its been cleaned and the chores are done
  • when you drive by someone on the freeway and they're smiling, like probably listening to their favorite radio show
  • honey
  • the first sleep in my bed after returning from a great trip
  • seeing tourists at airport wearing all the stuff you see on the streets for sale
  • kids who have their own little suitcase when traveling
  • when you think you're annoying the cab driver while chatting with your friends but then when you get out he says something super nice and smiles
  • seeing big men walking tiny little dogs
  • secretly taking cash from Adam's wallet
  • when someone makes an incredible documentary about a current problem and it moves you enough to donate money or sign petitions to help (i.e. the cove, virunga, death on a factory farm)
  • birds birds birds
  • walking with Toki around the silver lake reservoir listening to my special playlist at sunset
  • when my dad talks about movies I specifically rent for him but he thinks netflix just sends it randomly (esp when he says he "got a really good one this week")
  • 75 degree days
  • pulling out my cozy winter jackets and feeling like I'm seeing old friends again
  • taking a cozy nap at an unexpected time
  • getting things in the mail (not bills, etc)
  • the brief pause before the movie starts
  • when I get a text from a friend at just the right moment when I needed it and I have a happy cry
  • recognizing the smell of a flower or tree when you're walking down the street
  • the feeling when you've decided to take a trip somewhere
  • when clouds allow you to see the rays of light from the sun
  • to go back in time on google maps and see my mom's flowers when she was still alive
  • feeling alignment and connection
  • the smell of fresh herbs before cooking, esp dill
  • when it feels like a specific prayer was answered
  • the sound of someone practicing piano
  • a good cry
  • a surprise summer storm
  • the distinct taste of a strawberry
  • finding a favorite dress
  • big butterflies
  • when someone passes me on the street and says hi
  • getting something right after a couple failed attempts
  • when animals make human expressions
  • when a beam of sunlight is visible in a forest through rain
  • thinking about my plants after I've planted them
  • a great hour of public radio (the moth hour or this american life)
  • when you hear those first few notes of your favorite song when seeing a band perform
  • putting fresh flowers into a vase
  • when a hummingbird looks like it's landed to watch me (and I like to think it is someone I know)
  • the first day you head out to explore a new city when traveling
  • the perfect flavor of tea or coffee (when it is so absolutely at its best)
  • watering a plant after I've first planted it
  • when a piece of fruit is at its most perfect ripeness (like you're eating it in its most beautiful prime)
  • birds singing when I'm waking in the morning
  • streets just after a soft rain
  • when girls who have "values" names like faith, hope, charity, patience, etc get into fights
  • when mechanical mannequins hold advertising signs on the street and they look like they hate their job
  • when all the jasmine blooms in the neighborhood
  • the sound of a hard rain
  • when I say my prayer at night without falling asleep
  • hanging just the right thing on my wall
  • how my body feels after a hot bath
  • the first bite of dessert brought to a table
  • snow under a street light
  • sunsets that make you tear up
  • planning a trip
  • the first day you wear a new outfit
  • organizing a drawer
  • when Adam and I keep our feet touching as we fall asleep
  • seeing friends when they're sleeping over eating cereal at our counter when I wake up
  • when toki smells like grapes
  • making a home
  • waveless beaches
  • seeing a rainbow
  • animal videos and pictures
  • randomly witnessing kindness
  • warm water
  • walking the silver lake reservoir with Toki at sunset
  • when i have enough coins to go to the coin-star machine
  • when people have secret smiles on their faces on the train or walking down the street
  • when i think i left and forgot something but then i realize i have it
  • making my dad laugh
  • when a spaghetti jar can be turned into an awesome glass
  • when cats make biscuits with their paws
  • penguins wearing backpacks to buy fish (ok it's just a YouTube video)
  • parades and marches
  • when an animal uses a tool, like a stick to pull out ants, etc
  • snow on the first day
  • clean sheets
  • when people cry from happiness or laughter
  • when dogs are seen carrying their own toys or their own leash while out on a walk
  • when babies make adult expressions
  • seeing homeless folks reading the newspaper or a book
  • when people laugh at their own jokes
  • duck butts
  • finding something i lost
  • folding warm laundry on my lap
  • seeing young kids order their meals by themselves
  • when birds or dogs tilt their heads at you when trying to understand
  • when people save the lives of a small thing, ie, bugs etc
  • the 1 minute piece devoted to a nature scene on cbs sunday morning
  • when dogs kick and make noises during doggy dreams
  • the car right after a car wash
  • an intimate dinner with a friend
  • the first sip of a warm drink
  • paws of any kind
  • laughing simultaneously with an audience
  • the quietness of a suburban dog walk
  • the meditative feeling of doing something with your hands
  • a long good conversation in person or on the phone
  • goths goths goths
  • to be contd...
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user picture heartrl: Love this list. I feel like you spaced out the dog ones so they weren't all clumped at the top... oct 28 2014
user picture lisa: thank u. are you suggesting I have dog issues cause you watched dog videos all day yesterday ;-)