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All those people, all those lives, where are they now? With loves, and hates, and passions just like mine, They were born, And then they lived, And then they died. It seems so unfair. I want to cry.

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  • smokey robinson’s son, barry (palladium)
  • a drunk woman leans over and says “you have no idea what it’s like to find a heart balloon in the wilderness.” (hp bowl)
  • valentines day couple - woman with disability shaking uncontrollably but still on that dance floor with her lover (resident)
  • guy with mtv jacket and tons of buttons (grand star)
  • small person owning it (grand star)
  • black and yellow deep make out session next to us (off beat)
  • black female goth in wheelchair with no limbs who swayed to the music (the lash)
  • young black kid who amazingly danced with james to soul music (short stop)
  • man who wears overalls and dances around in dramatic way all over (echoplex)
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dec 11 2018 +
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  • when mission control is relieved in NASA related movies
  • when toothpaste lasts the entirety of a trip
  • when dogs lay their chin on me while resting
  • dogs
  • all the mariachi bands that play in my neighborhood every year around graduation
  • cacti of all kinds
  • dioramas
  • pooping
  • when people can't get the beat right on a clap to music
  • the wild highland park parrots
  • when my dog seems to be smiling at me
  • when an item has like one star or a movie has like 10% tomatoes --so funny
  • when tour bus drivers are ready to go home and they drive super fast and the tourists are flying by and trying to take pict...
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He doesn't know...

  • That I hear him sweetly break when she asks for just one more HUG after the ten prior.
  • That I hear him explaining the rules of a new game with PATIENCE over and over again.
  • That I hear him making CONVERSATION at 7am over breakfast before school when I know he’s exhausted.
  • That I hear his footsteps when he’s the dancing MONSTER making her cringe with laughter.
  • That I hear him CONSOLING her with gentle personal experience when she’s been bullied.
  • That I hear his myriad of VOICES for the fictional characters he’s reading to her.
  • That I hear him build her CONFIDENCE when knocked down by a difficult math problem...
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“Now our lives are changing fast…Hope that something pure can last. Hope that something pure can last.” – Arcade Fire

Children are often heard saying “Look at me!” to their parents. From an early age we want someone or something to witness our lives (a longing for god). Our parents’ role is to guide us OUT of self-importance but now technology hinders us from maturing out of that “look at me” phase of childhood.

The introduction of “scrolling” and “likes” and "follower counts" on social media changed our lives and our psychology forever. We broadcast to each other with a hunger. I’ve made a rule to not scroll people’s PERSONAL lives whether on facebook or instagram. I also try not to post "personal life" things that would broadcast to anyone’s feeds as well.

I have the desire to do it… I want to post my adventures, my love, my life. BUT ...

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  • when I can't get christmas ornaments to hang facing the right direction
  • when people say they were "homeless" or "poor" when really they were not. having access is privilege.
  • getting up because you forgot something after you just sat down
  • people at bars pressing against you to order a drink
  • dishwasher soap residue on glasses
  • when people have mean dogs and have them off leash or say they’re nice
  • when people leave their expired garage sale signs up
  • inaccurate portrayals of molly in film/tv (lookin at u insecure)
  • band tour dates on back of T-shirts - who cares
  • when venues don't post set times!!!!
  • getting the tape to come off evenly from packing tape or any kinda tape
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