• very cool prism
  • old arrowhead
  • awesome black glass
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<Quotes by my mom.>

  • "I love you, je t'aime mon amour." - She said that everyday before putting me to bed. Saying that she loved me in our own language was for other moments.
  • "I wanted to be Simone de Beauvoir."
  • "Back then I didn't bother to learn english because I was anti-imperialist and anti-positivism."
  • "God is an asshole because people are assholes and created him at their resamblance" Despite having the house full of crosses and drinking holy water when she gets sick
  • [to an asshole ex boyfriend of mine] "I don't know why you are mad Raquel made out with your best friend, really. When Poeta [my father] went away to look for gold I made out with all the guys in his band."
  • "Stripes make me dizzy"
  • [About any problem at all] "There is a tea for that"
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  • Born October 26, 1994.
  • She/her, cis woman.
  • INFP-T
  • Gray ace
  • Gryffindor
  • Anthropology Student ✐
  • Vegetarian (June 4th,2008)
  • Social failure storyteller
  • A liar and a thief
  • Sleeping is an issue.
  • Likes ducks,tea and taking the bus.♡
  • Often accused of cynicism. Probably true.
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  • Be able to vote again

Mental health

  • get my shit together at a tolerable level

books and wondering

  • Leave a message inside a library book adressing a total stranger
  • Look for seaglass
  • Take a bus to somewhere random just to enjoy the ride with a good book

friends and relationships

  • Befriend a bird
  • Have a penpal

writing and drawing

  • Have an organized sketch book
  • Write my memories
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