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  • fics, mangás and comics
  • Lovely Complex (42/?)
  • Dom Casmurro , Machado de Assis


  • Dark (S1: 03/10)
  • Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (S2: 04/13)
  • Shokugeki no Souma (S1: 07/24)


  • Animes/TV Series
  • Mangas/Manwas/Comics
    • Kuroshitsuji
    • Seraph of the End
    • Vanitas no Carte
    • Haikyuu
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☼ — All lists about what I have done in the past few years.


  • 2017 autobio
    • part 1
    • part 2
    • part 3
    • part 4
    • part 5
    • part 6
    • why 2017 was the best year (●)
  • writing
    • written in 2017
    • writing diary
    • everyday progress
  • reading
    • read in 2017
  • drawing
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  • 2017 drawing diary: x


  • 5-6 | so, hm, I have purposefully not drawn anything in a while (a little longer than a week) because I really needed a break after spending 10h+ in 2 days to finish my previous digital drawing of a cockatoo. But today, I was bored and felt itd be nice to doodle a bit! Around 9-10pm until 1am of the next day. Doodled a random oc, than drew my girlfriend looking at a pic of hers <3 She loved it. Then I used a picture she took in her trip to RJ to practice drawing scenarios a bit! Sketched it in pencil then used nanquim. Enjoyed the result! Then started another scenario but felt too lazy to finish it
  • 9 | Drew my oc, Caleb, with an annoyed stance and countenance. Basically, when he started being a jerk. | Then I continued t...
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test results: x

    • call me Han, Mel or Miguel
    • he/him pronouns
    • bisexual/panromantic
    • Probably procrastinating right now
    • this is my waifu/best gf ever, this is our precious lil doge and this is Gabs (aka best people in the world)
    • brazilian
    • taurus sun | sagittarius moon | sagittarius rising x
    • INFP-T
    • chaotic good
    • really enthusiastic about writing and drawing
    • bookaholic
    • takes studying really seriously
    • over-protective of fictional characters (including ocs)
    • ravenclaw
    • multifandom mess
    • into gaming
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feb 5 2018 +
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  • 1 | Wished a happy new year for all my dear friends in messenger and wpp! | Stayed in the Living room with parents and sister. Not a lively way to spend this special night, but still good to be with my closest family members. oh, am i tipsy from champagne??? its so good, i couldnt help myself from driking it a lot. | Played Guess Who w sis. Won 5x2. That's how bored we are. Meanwhile, songs in TV | Then, went to my room at 2am and stayed in pc there. Completed autobio and lists of 2017 and contabilized writings (I MADE 135K WORDS THIS YEAR IM SO PROUD) while listening to Rubel and talking w Bryan (abt album recs), Rafa (abt how we spent NYE and about writing/reading resources, i showed him some lists) and Lari <3 got rly distracted, so went to sleep at almost 5am | Got up at 2h30pm. I DREAMT I WAS HOBI FROM BT...
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feb 13 2018 +
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  • 1 | laura’s bday!!! sent her my congratulations, i hope i hv time to do it better ;w; | Went to sleep at 00h45 | Gabs showed up out of nowhere and started talking w me again like he hasn’t disappeared. Im glad tho. Lets give it a shot | Kind of lost sleep because dad got up at 8am | HOLY SHIT MY LOWER LIP IS SO SWOLLEN ITS LIKE A BEE STUNG IT FUCK AND IT BURNS I LOOK LIKE A CLOWN | so im sleepy and ashamed and dun wanna go out of the room like this so i didnt go to breakfast. Slept a bit before and after parents brought takeout from the hotel breakfast for me and sis, took medicine, then i woke up and started reading a cute sope fic, while applying ice on my bruised lip. | Went downstairrs because andre bought pastel for me and sis (picked his kids up in their ap for him on the way.) after eating, changed...
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☀ Todos os momentos valeram a pena, desde os melhores até os piores. em construção

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to read next

  • Books/Novels
    • Filhos do Éden, livro 2
    • Inferno
    • Senhor das Sombras
    • Kiss of Deception
    • Dance dance dance
    • A Divina Comédia
    • It
  • Comics/Manwhas
    • Autophobia
    • Dream Catchers
    • 19 Days from chapter 190
    • Their Story from chapter 148
    • Transfusions new pages
    • AMOLAD from episode 312
    • Carnaval de Cuentos
  • Fics
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♚ This time it's for life, not for 2018 only.

  • keep reading
    • a little every day because it makes me feel good
    • read all books in queue in my shelves
    • read more classic books
    • read more brazilian literature, elderly and from nowadays
    • and, obviously, buy more books in my wishlist
    • finish reading all the book series I started
    • read new book series (e.g. The Raven Cycle and LOTR)
    • finish reading A Song of Ice and Fire
    • read more mangas from my list
      • Noragami!!
      • Dengeki Daisy
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jan 14 2018 +
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  • 2017 writing diary: x
  • everyday progress: x


  • 4 | Lots of plottings for Atemporal!! Some ideas on the history's writing structure and some character development mainly for Scarlett, and then for Noah and Caleb relationship too | Then, plotted a bit for a new project: MS na ilha Escuridown, for Nyah's Vacation Challenge. I don't even know why I'm doing this but i dont think i'm seriously posting this. Specially because I don't think I'll have it done until the deadline. Well, just doing it for fun. Also wrote 500 words for the actual story.
  • 5 | I barely slept today because my mind is so full of ideas. I got restless and had to write them down and then i lost any track of sleep I could have had. It was s...
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