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  • fics, mangás and comics
  • classic poems and tales
  • O Cortiço


  • Dark (S1: 03/10)
  • Shokugeki no Souma (S1: 07/24)
  • Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (S3E00)
  • Run BTS (06/??)


  • TV Series/Anime
    • Burn The Stage (5/8) [BTS documentary]
  • Mangas/Manwas/Comics
    • Kuroshitsuji
    • Seraph of the End
    • Vanitas no Carte
    • Haikyuu
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☼ — All lists about what I have done in the past few years.


  • 2017 autobio
    • part 1
    • part 2
    • part 3
    • part 4
    • part 5
    • part 6
    • why 2017 was the best year (●)
  • writing
    • written in 2017
    • writing diary
    • everyday progress
  • reading
    • read in 2017
  • drawing
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  • 2017 drawing diary: x


  • 5-6 | so, hm, I have purposefully not drawn anything in a while (a little longer than a week) because I really needed a break after spending 10h+ in 2 days to finish my previous digital drawing of a cockatoo. But today, I was bored and felt itd be nice to doodle a bit! Around 9-10pm until 1am of the next day. Doodled a random oc, than drew my girlfriend looking at a pic of hers <3 She loved it. Then I used a picture she took in her trip to RJ to practice drawing scenarios a bit! Sketched it in pencil then used nanquim. Enjoyed the result! Then started another scenario but felt too lazy to finish it
  • 9 | Drew my oc, Caleb, with an annoyed stance and countenance. Basically, when he started being a jerk. | Then I continued t...
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test results: x

    • call me Han, Mel or Miguel
    • he/him pronouns
    • bisexual/panromantic
    • Probably procrastinating right now
    • this is my waifu/best gf ever, this is our precious lil doge and this is Gabs (aka best people in the world)
    • brazilian
    • taurus sun | sagittarius moon | sagittarius rising x
    • INFP-T
    • chaotic good
    • really enthusiastic about writing and drawing
    • bookaholic
    • takes studying really seriously
    • over-protective of fictional characters (including ocs)
    • ravenclaw
    • multifandom mess
    • into gaming
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feb 5 2018 +


  • 30 | continued writing my new original fantasy idea in pc, got to room at 00h30. Rummagin through gallery in search for memes, laughed at old pics w sis, even sent some to bryan | Then just stayed reading for a while until sleep weighted my eyelids too much. Went to sleep abt 3am i guess | Got up at 10h30am. Had weird dreams abt old rpg videogames thrt my imagination created but i tried to look for some in ggl. Found a japanese horror game | Finished the chap i was reading | Took a bath, listened to mamamoo | Found tutorial on how to update superstar bts and finally did it! Started playin it | Went to my grandma’s, family lunch there altho i didnt engage much w anyone, just ate. Played superstar bts, tryin to bingo the charts. Also chatted w Bibi and mom, abt her hectic routine from college and lectures and a...
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to read next

  • Authors
    • (more of) Edgar Allan Poe
    • (more of) Oscar Wilde
    • Walt Whitman
    • Clarice Lispector
    • Victor Giudice
    • Cecília Meireles
    • Álvares de Azevedo
    • José de Alencar
  • Books/Novels
    • Filhos do Éden, livro 2
    • Inferno
    • Senhor das Sombras
    • Kiss of Deception
    • A Divina Comédia
    • It
  • Comics/Manwhas
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♚ This time it's for life, not for 2018 only.

  • keep reading
    • a little every day because it makes me feel good
    • read all books in queue in my shelves
    • read more classic books
    • read more brazilian literature, elderly and from nowadays
    • and, obviously, buy more books in my wishlist
    • finish reading all the book series I started
    • read new book series (e.g. The Raven Cycle and LOTR)
    • finish reading A Song of Ice and Fire
    • read more mangas from my list
      • Noragami!!
      • Dengeki Daisy
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  • 2017 writing diary: x
  • everyday progress: x


  • 4 | Lots of plottings for Atemporal!! Some ideas on the history's writing structure and some character development mainly for Scarlett, and then for Noah and Caleb relationship too | Then, plotted a bit for a new project: MS na ilha Escuridown, for Nyah's Vacation Challenge. I don't even know why I'm doing this but i dont think i'm seriously posting this. Specially because I don't think I'll have it done until the deadline. Well, just doing it for fun. Also wrote 500 words for the actual story.
  • 5 | I barely slept today because my mind is so full of ideas. I got restless and had to write them down and then i lost any track of sleep I could have had. It was s...
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