• say more mantras . when you're anxious, when you're upset, when you're frustated. repeat them over and over until they sink under your skin; until they mute out the rest of the world; until you find peace.
  • speak more kindly . or, don't speak at all. silence in the face of anger is wisdom.
  • spend a little time on you . take more bubble baths, light some candles, play a record; ignore the rest of the world for a while. it's okay to be selfish sometimes.
  • courage, dear heart .
  • get out of your comfort zone sometimes . take more chances, try new things, say hello, ask someone on a coffee date.
  • be brave.
  • surround yourself with beautiful things. find the words that spark a fire in you, the photos that make you feel something. print them out, hang them up; fill yours walls with art.
  • you don't need a reason to do everything in your life and you don't need to explai... do it because you want to, because it's ...
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jan 15 2017 +
  • silk robe
  • fluffy rug
  • booties
  • leather keds
  • water filter
  • table mirror
  • kanken backpack
  • nightstand
  • typewriter
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